Sunday, March 30, 2014

If You Haven't Had The Pleasure Of Attending A Monthly Metal Show, Here's What You're Missing

Chris Hisey of Virulence put together this awesome compilation video of a recent Monthly Metal show, currently being held at Guido's Speakeasy in Frederick, MD. Now I really wish I could have made it out.

I had good fortune to see Kalevra recently in Martinsburg, WV. These guys are energetic as fuck and had a good set. Existentium was phenomenal last I saw them at Monthly Metal when it was still happening at Ball's Bluff Tavern in Leesburg, VA. As you can see from the video, like a fine wine, they have only gotten better with time.

If you've never experienced a local metal show, watch this video. You'll be astonished at how much talent we have right here in our own neck of the woods. You can almost feel the same energy you get pulsing through your blood standing there in the room, both hearing and feeling the sweet vibrations of the music.

Even if it seems like it might not be for you, or if the bar scene usually isn't your thing, go out of your comfort zone and check out one of these shows. You won't regret it.

Even if the show is in a bar, it's a far cry from being your typical bar scene inside on metal nights. I personally don't usually like just going to bars for the hell of it, but I love me a good fucking metal show. The atmosphere is totally different - people are friendlier, kinder. It's because they're there sharing a common bond; the love of good, heavy music untainted by greed or modern moral standards.

It's music that speaks the truth, even the ugly truth, while empowering you to feel, charge and conquer. This isn't kids just rocking out to be rebellious anymore. These are guys and gals that have a message. It's all heart and no empty showmanship for the sake of amassing wealth. It's what's real, beautiful and terrible. It's fucking metal.

And if you go to a metal show, you'll know what I mean.

UPDATE: See also this awesome video taken by Mary of the full set from Horde of the Eclipse.

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