Sunday, March 30, 2014

HELLYEAH Releases Two Songs

So HELLYEAH put out a couple of tracks on iTunes this Friday. I had never heard about these guys until I moved to West By Goddess. They had a big following out in the area where I lived, and I remember almost everyone going to Shiley Acres in Inwood, WV when they were set to play there.

For me, listening to these guys brings back great memories of the time I spent there, so I'm probably going to be a little biased in my review here. But even if HELLYEAH's previous stuff had you less than excited, I'm willing to bet this song will change your mind. Here's the video for "Cross to Bier (Cradle of Bones)":

This is probably one the best songs they've ever done. Heavy, clean, yet still rife with the trappings of raw masculinity. Cross to Bier will have you pumped from beginning to end. They go out of their usual comfort zone and up the speed from their usual laid-back tempo. And the result is some truly headbang-worthy material.

The second song seems to be a reminder to fans who love their signature hillbilly-core sound that they've still got it. Nothing unexpected here:

Some have said that it sounds generic, and I'd have to agree. It doesn't make it any less of a good soundtrack to summer days on the mountain. It has HELLYEAH written all over it, and it's what a lot of their fans want to hear. Yes, it's a bit generic, it's THEM. This is their signature sound. And it could've been a whole lot worse, but it wasn't.

In conclusion, I say bravo to these guys. They not only gave their die-hard fans something new yet familiar, but they attempted to broaden their horizons by taking it up a notch higher and a notch faster.. and they fucking succeeded. They want to please all their fans and all their critics. These two songs were an excellent attempt at doing just that.

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