Saturday, March 29, 2014

Arch Enemy Announces Cover Art For War Eternal

Via Metal Injection:

Arch Enemy released their cover art today for "War Eternal" (set for release on June 9th for UK and June 10th here in the states) and it's pretty fucking badass...

The art was commissioned by Arch Enemy from Romanian artist Chioreanu Costin, who I will most certainly be looking up after I finish this post because this is just fantastic fucking art right here. I love the whole old-world tone to it all. Macabre art at its finest.

I might almost have to say that I liked the cover art a little more than the video for War Eternal that they released. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the track. It was a solid track; fun, heavy, and had Arch Enemy written all over it. I really liked the fact that they kept clean vocals out of their first release, letting everyone know that it's still gonna be authentically AE no matter what they do next. Alissa White-Gluz has some impressive vocals in this (and I say that knowing how fucking hard it can be to try and sustain harsh vocals like that throughout a song when you're not used to it; growling is a hell of a lot harder to do than you might think), but I had one problem and one problem only with this video.

I really like Alissa. She's got a good set of pipes on her and great stage presence. Angela was around first, though, and she had all those things while keeping a sense of rawness to her appearance. In my own personal meaningless opinion, I just think that she looks like she got lost in a metal video when she was looking for a pop video. Maybe it was just to try and grab attention and reach more potential fans, expand their audience or what have you, but I feel like the look she's got going on here is a might bit over the top perhaps for "pure fucking metal". I'm not saying she should limit her makeup to war paint and eyeliner, nor should she go and dread her her or something (although I think she'd probably pull of a head full of skinny blue dreadlocks pretty fucking well). I just think I would've enjoyed it better without getting distracted by her inhumanly gigantic false lashes.

Alissa likes to get decked out for live appearances and things, which is totally cool and I respect that she has embraces her personal style. I've loved a lot of the designs she's worn onstage, especially while touring with Kamelot (I guess Simone wasn't cool with singing opposite Karevik). Makeup like this should only be used on a stage though. In a video, you're not going to have any trouble making out what she looks like from a distance, which is why when performing live it's completely okay to go a little crazy making your harder-to-see features visible to those in the pit. Here we get a close enough look to where it just distorts her face. If I could make one suggestion to them, it would be to tone down the flashiness and give us a more natural-looking, relaxed Alissa. She's beautiful enough that way!

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